With its daily 5000 kg rubber processing capacity, our experienced employees, we meet both the mixes we use in our own production and mix demands from the sector. We prepare our formulas from EPDM, NEOPREN, NBR, SILICON, VITON and NATURAL RUBBER in line with the product specifications that our customers want.
  • With the closed mixer in the Mixing Plant, both black and color mixing meets the demands of our customers and carries out production in a clean and sensitive environment with automatic filling feeding systems.

  • Advanced technological controlled chemical and cooker weighing units are used and thus human errors are eliminated.

  • Each mixture produced is tested and approved within the tolerances according to the specifications required and specifically requested by the customers.

  • Periodic tests are carried out within the company and, if necessary, to monitor the continuity of the quality of the mixtures.

  • We have the potential to produce products of various sizes, sizes and shapes with our press machines.

  • We select rubber processing equipment to meet customers’ expectations.

  • Our press room is in a sufficient number and in working condition to provide enough orders to our customers.

Press Room